Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yarn Along: More Reading Than Knitting

Not too much knitting going on these days. I’m still working on my Fall scarf. I’m loving the colors and texture. I’m hoping to have some time during my upcoming vacation to sit down and practice some more stitches and maybe start a crochet project. Any easy patterns for creatively challenged people (as it will be my first attempt at following a pattern) are welcomed!

On the reading front…I finished Fault Lines and I got to say, I loved it but it felt deeply sad to me. Being a reader of romance and a lover of happy endings, the end of this book was somewhat disappointing and even frustrating. I wanted the heroine to be stronger, to take more of a stand…and even though she kind of did, it really didn’t feel like I had closure.

So as I’m trying to decide which book on my To Read list to tackle next, I’m engaging in a light flirtation with a $.99 deal on my Kindle…Looking for Trouble by Erin Kern. It’s a no-thinking-required contemporary romance. Just the thing after a heavy Anne Rivers Siddon book.

On my nightstand, Harry potter 1 is coming to a swift end…just a few more chapters to go. My daughter is enchanted and I’m having a wonderful time watching her as she discovers the marvelous world that is Harry Potter. I haven’t decided if we will read book 2 right away yet. I’m not sure she is ready for the complexity of the story as it unfolds in subsequent books and if she’ll get it. We will see.

Joining Ginny.


  1. I do love the yarns you use for your projects. I haven't read the Harry Potter books, but all my boy's did and loved them. Have fun with crocheting. My mom tried to teach me years ago and finally gave up...I'm hopeless in that area.

  2. I love the HP books, read them twice. I have not read Fault Lines yet, sounds interesting. That cookie looks delicious!

  3. I finally broke down a few years ago and read all of the Harry Potter books.

    I do have to warn you that they get darker after the third book. Something to consider.

  4. How old is your daughter? My son started HP at 7 and I do have to explain things a bit in book 6, but otherwise all is well. And I know what you mean about books that disappoint :(. Definitely go for light and happy this time!

  5. cookies look delicious!

    get the book frustration thing. i like a complex story with realistic and uplifting resolutions. i am going through a period of struggling to find books that have the right balance.

    read Angelology by Danielle Trussoni, kinda liked it, there will be a sequel, so the ending sets this up, methinks, however, the author could have "tied up" the end a little better.

    now i read a book on the mind of Van Gogh, sooo interesting, but more academic.

    i think that too many authors these days think that anticlimactic endings are the way to make stories more interesting & sophisticated i dunno 'bout that... ...again, i think it is possible to strike a decent balance.