Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekending: Tying Up Loose Ends

Seems I am destined to be perpetually late for everything these days. Sigh!

Joining Amanda (a little late) for Weekending.

These weekend was spent tying up some loose ends. 
Trying to wrap up school activities.  Editing papers.  Studying for finals.  Preparing for end of year parties and performances.
Looking through yearbooks and reminiscing about old times.
Eating leftovers and ordering pizza.
Being blown away by Justin Bieber's rise to fame (watched Never Say Never with Bella).
Testing for orange belt.  Many photos, hugs, kisses, and congratulations.  Lunch and frozen yogurt to celebrate.
Feeling an amazing sense of freedom when the last final had been taken and the last paper had been turned in. 
Having a productive family meeting to discuss our summer plans.
Leaving the household chores for another day to spend time as a family doing nothing in particular, but doing it together.

I think summer has officially started in our household.  Although the kids still have a couple more days of school our mindset has definitely shifted.  Can't wait to see what the new season brings!!


  1. Wow Gail, it all sounds wonderful. We are in full summer mode here and I am loving it!

  2. I loved Never say never too!! I think it does him justice to let people see that it wasn't so easy for him :). I still wonder what's gonna happen when he goes through puberty though!!

    Ah and looking through yearbooks, so much fun! I had my 20th year reunion a couple years ago and that's exactly what me and my friends did !
    Sounds like a wonderful welcome to summer!!

  3. she looks really pleased with her orange belt!

  4. Hey Gail! I can't find an email for you so I'm responding here :). Just go to Daisy Yellow's site and leave a comment to let her now you are participating! Yay!! This will be fun!