Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Provoke and Ponder: A Week-Long Reflection

Joining A is for Akari

“A new Wednesday ritual...some inspirational words to carry you (and me) through the rest of the week.”

A quote I’ve been pondering all week.

“Life knocks us all off course at one time or another, I tell them, and right now it’s my turn. I let them see me cry a little, I accept every hug that comes my way, and then I remind myself, over and over…that when a door closes, another one always opens. I am simply going to need to keep an eye out for it, so that when I see it, I’ll be ready to walk through.”
~K. Kenison in The Gift of an Ordinary Day

You can read more about my pondering here.

What is inspiring you today?


  1. You know what inspires me everyday? Moms. All kinds of moms: working moms, single moms, moms of multiple children, stay at home moms, work at home moms, homeschooling moms, all of them. I think that is why I blog. Because everyday I meet or read of a mom busting her behind to make the best life possible for their family with what they have. They do it all, and blog on top of that. What I have found is that moms are the most passionate people I know. We pour our hearts out and give 110% to everything we do, and we get tired, and down, and upset, and overwhelmed, but we NEVER stop, even when that is all we want to do, because we care so deeply about the life we create for our family.

    Sorry, went on a little rant there :). Thanks for asking what inspires me :).

  2. This is a beautiful and inspiring quote! Yes, sometimes all you can do is simply keep going until the next door opens.

    People like you inspire me! Women who work hard and want the best for their children, who are the backbone of their family. You are inspiring.

    Thanks so much for playing along with the Wed. ritual :)