Hi…my name is Gail. I am wife and full-time working mother of two. I enjoy crafting and reading (especially romances). I was a singer in my former life and still enjoy belting out a tune every now and again. I definitely lean to the left and am more spiritual than religious. I love my family, the sound of my kids’ laughter, hugs and kisses, chocolate, a good mug of hot tea, baking, cooking good food, eating good food, sunsets, Autumn, fuzzy socks, cuddling, watching movies, red wine, white wine, any wine, tulips, raspberries, good conversation, hosting parties, the first glimpse of my husband when I haven’t seen him all day, when my daughter tells me she loves me, the glimmer in my son's eyes when he speaks about his passions, knitting scarves to give away, rainbows, puffy white clouds, and magic.

A little about the rest of the people I live with…

Luis and I met in high school and simply stuck. He is the best man I could have chosen to have children with and the only man with whom I could do forever. I love that he is supportive, accepting, optimistic, witty, funny, sometimes sarcastic, and very easy going. He loves his children and every time I see him interact with them I fall in love with him all over again. He is my better half…my Kashi in a world full of Fruit Loops.

Julian is my incredibly handsome and wickedly smart teenage son. He is a little lazy and a lot sarcastic, but I guess that goes with the territory. I love that he is outgoing, goofy, loving, and a great big brother. Even though he’s a teen, he still likes to hang around his family and enjoys our family traditions. His feet are firmly planted on Earth, but he dreams about soaring in the clouds.  He might be all grown up, but he will always be my little boy.

Isabella is the last addition to our family. She is our little princess. She loves anything purple, pink, shiny, or glittery. I love that she is a social butterfly, friendly, sweet, artsy, easy going like Dad, and, despite the age difference, super attached to big brother. She completes us and we are enjoying watching her grow up and become her own person.

Our household can be loud and crazy sometimes, but it’s ours and it fits. I hope you stay for a while and read about all of our best days. And don’t be shy…we love comments! Thanks for stopping by :)