Sunday, August 21, 2011

Photo Journal Day 5: Olympia Farmer's Market and Pioneer Square

Photo Journal Day 5:  On our 5th day we headed to the capital, Olympia, to visit another Farmer's Market (noticing a theme here...planes and food).  It is much smaller the Pike, but oh my, the fruit was amazing.  Peaches and apricots like nothing I have ever tasted before.  There is a band playing music and several places that serve breakfast and lunch.  Luis ate the biggest burrito I have ever seen!  After Olympia, we headed back to Seattle and Pioneer Square (check out the socks on the trees!) to take the Underground Tour.  This was too awesome for words.  Basically, Seattle was first built below sea level and after "The Great Fire" in 1889, they rebuilt the city on top of the existing city.  The underground was used for many years as like a city under the city.  Fascinating!  This is a must do for anyone visiting Seattle.  The tour guides are great storytellers and the history is super cool.


  1. I love the pictures Gail, especially the one of you and your daughter. You are both so beautiful.xx

  2. It looks like so much fun! You have a happy family :)

  3. That is really cool! I want to visit the underground Seattle. Beautiful family Gail!