Saturday, August 6, 2011

Monthly Reflection

During my time away I have done a lot of thinking about this space.  These words by MJ over a Wander Wonder Discover inspired me to synthesis these thoughts and come to some realizations.

See, when I started this blog, I really just wanted a space where I could allow my ideas, thoughts, and inspirations to roam free.  However, as I began exploring blogland I found so many wonderful friends involved in so many wonderful things.  I yearned to be part of a community of creative minded women who love sharing their creations with each other.  I began to plan and organize my days around all of the blog alongs, and almost immediately I hit a brick wall.  I began to obsess about having a post for Yarn Along or completing my ICAD or having a picture for These Moments, and my ideas, thoughts, and inspirations took a back seat.  I love knitting and taking pictures and drawing, but it became something I had to do instead of something I wanted to do.

This time away has helped me to reassess the reasons I started this blog.  Like MJ talks about in her post, I had to ask myself...Is this blog for me or for others?  The answer is that although I love that other's read my posts, the blog is for me...or at least it should be.  Let's be honest, I don;t have hundreds of people hanging on my every word.  I have reached out to some old friends and made some new ones that have liked what I have to say well enough that they have decided to visit regularly.  I do hope to make many more new friends as time goes by, and I also do love participating in the blog alongs...but I have decided that these will have to come naturally as opportunities present themselves and not because I am forcing them to occur.  

I hope that my renewed determination to refocus this blog on what it was intended to be - living my best day everyday and sharing my journey - will recreate this space into one that provides me with the avenue to express myself, and perhaps inspires the lives of others in the process.

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  1. These are my exact thoughts and what I struggle with in my blogging. I wish you luck in your quest for a better daily life and I hope to stay true to myself in my blog too