Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Photo Journal Day 4: Pacific Science Center

Photo Journal Day 4:  On day four, we headed back out to Seattle Center.  There was a big foodie fest going on.  We were a little unprepared for the size of the event.  It seemed that every Seattleite was there, enjoy the bands and the food.  We grabbed some hot dogs and headed over to the Pacific Science Center, our destination for the day.  Bella had fun with the hands on exhibits...especially touching the sea anemones.  My goofball son had fun too :)  The best part of the museum was the Butterfly Walk.  They have a solarium full of beautiful flowering plants and trees and hundreds of butterflies!  You have to be very careful not to step on them or take them out by accident on your clothes.  Bella and I were absolutely enchanted.  In the evening, we bought tickets for the Lady Gaga Laser show in the Laser Dome.  Bella and I laid on the floor (the boys were too cool for school and sat in the uncomfortable seats) and enjoyed an hour of Lady Gaga favorites and psychedelic lights.  It was a Gaga-rific ending to a great day!!


  1. Gail, I love all the posts about your trip. What a wonderful time it looks like ya'll had. I can just imagine the butterflies...it sounds magical!xx

  2. Your trip sounds like so much fun. I really like the butterfly photo :)

  3. Seattle is awesome; I've only been there once for only 2 days. I want to go back! That butterfly exhibit sounds amazing. They had something similar here in DC, but I was too cheap to pay the extra $$$ for the ticket! haha Sounds like you guys are having a great time!