Saturday, August 6, 2011

Photo Journal Day 3: Future of Flight Museum and Boeing Factory Tour

Photo Journal Day 3:  One of the reasons we took these trip is because my son, Julian, is a plane geek.  A BIG plane geek.  The kind that wants to be an aerospace engineer when he grows up and design and build planes for a living...preferably for Boeing...preferably in Everette, WA.  So, what better place to really find out if the dream lives up to the reality than by taking the Boeing Factory Tour in, you guessed it, Everette WA!  

We first hung out in the Future of Flight Museum which is at Paine Field and the departure place for the tour.  It was amazing to see the size of the engines up close and some oldie but goodies (I was a big Pan Am fan in the 80s).  

We couldn't actually take pictures on the factory tour for obvious reasons, but we were able to snap some shots of the completed planes waiting for delivery and the buildings where my son my someday make a living.  The best part of this day was watching my son absorb everything and have him reconfirm that this is where he wants to be.  Alas, it is wonderful when the reality turns out to be even better than the dream!!

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  1. Looks like such an awesome day! My eldest girl is an air cadet and is all into aircraft and flight history too, so I know what it's like :)
    It's good that they have their passions though isn't it :)