Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Walk Around the Neighborhood

The weather here has been kind of finicky lately…cold and rainy one day, then in the eighties the next.  Last Thursday we took advantage of a perfect evening to take a walk around the neighborhood.   We love taking family walks when the opportunity presents itself, and this was the first after several months of cold and rain. 

Bella took her scooter.  She loves to zip ahead, practicing her balance. 

The city put up this mural about a year or two ago.  It’s a beautiful way to spruce up the huge stone wall that wraps around this residential community and reminds us of our city’s rich history.

We saw lots of flowers on our trek…a sure sign that spring is in full swing.

Bella especially liked this one…a lone bloom amongst a plethora of flowering bushes.

Our walk would not have been complete without visiting Papa New Guinea, the community guinea pig. 

He belongs to a resident, but apparently he doesn’t like his cage and so they let him out on the grass to nibble.  The first time we saw him, a couple of weeks ago, we thought he was lost or abandoned.  We were prepared to rescue him on Easter, but we found out he does have a home, so now we just enjoy watching him roam about.

But the best part of our walk...

Spending time with my two most favorite people!


  1. I am back from going to art festival in Old Town Pasadena. Dropped off Googie, my daughter,
    as she is hanging out with a friend, & enjoyed the art exhibits, managed to stay within budget & bought some cool prints. Now I am waiting for her "pick me up mom" call.

    Isn't Gibran just awesome!? I actually had to look up this poem on line, as I did not want to dig through my pile of books to find my copy of The Prophet. Good idea to get a copy of his collected works so that I can have all his works in one place.

    Oh, and the pics you posted are so amazing!! The ones with the plants and flowers are gorgeous, and of course the ones with the kiddos are super sweet. Isabella looks like she is such a lovely, feisty little girl. Just like her mommy.

    Enjoy this beautiful Sunday we have today.


  2. forgot...

    Papa New Guinea; cool name...:-)