Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday Blessings

Sunday was one of those days.
You know the days...
You don't want to clean another surface, launder another article of clothing, or cook another meal.
You just want to curl up with a good book and tune out the world.
However, given that Luis is in the home stretch with school and feeling very overwhelmed, I knew I couldn't have an entire "Me" day.

This Sunday, Bella and I did a little painting

and a little cutting

and hung some curtains

and created a sanctuary.

She had a great time playing with her doll

and dressing up

and having a tea party.

This smile was better than any book or any "Me" time I could have had!!

How was your weekend?

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  1. Gail, I agree, that smile is priceless! Can't wait to have a tea party with the wee one here!
    I have a great recipe for fairy tea that I will try and post this week.

  2. This reminds me of a day, years and years ago, when I "played hookie" from work, stayed home with Googie, my sixteen year-old who was five at the time, and watched movies together including "Gone With the Wind." The munchkin was so impressed and inspired by the dresses in the movie, that together we made a makeshift, fancy, fluffy dress for her, and then we had tea & cookies. Only thing I regret is that we did not take pictures, but the memories are well etched in my mind. The pics of Isabella remind me of my daughter, and btw there is a definite family resemblance!