Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Moment

Things have been very hectic around here. With Luis in the home stretch, writing papers and preparing for finals, I have been pretty much going it alone. Therefore, my camera has been sitting on shelf collecting dust and no words have been begging to be written. Since we have been spending our time doing instead of documenting, I didn’t have a photo to share last Friday for This Moment. I was bummed, but did enjoy seeing everyone else’s photos.

Then on Friday afternoon my home was suddenly bursting with life! My son had asked if he could invite friends over for burgers. He was cooking for everyone so how could I refuse. I did the shopping in the morning, as it was my day off, and come 3:30pm we had full house…my son and his three friends, my daughter, my husband, my mom (who wasn’t about to miss out on the fun), and, of course, me. As the afternoon wore on my senses were assaulted by the sounds of food prep in the kitchen, my daughter’s giggles as she danced along with the Wii, the chatter and laughter of four teenagers, and the smells of burgers grilling, I realized this was my moment. In the middle of the chaos that accompanies feeding hungry teenagers and keeping the conversation appropriate for a seven year old and ensuring that there is enough peace for my husband to write, I was filled with an overwhelming feeling of happiness and an absolute certainty that all is as it should be…that there is no other place on earth I would rather be than right here, right now.

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  1. I love when the house is filled with life! I think having teenagers in the house with their friends is what keeps us Mom's young don't you think. That was a beautiful post Gail. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday. I am off to prepare dinner.

  2. Oh that's wonderful Gail :). I secretly dream of this one day!! I dream of having my kids' friends come over here, feeding them, listening to them talk and have fun together!

  3. I always wanted my house to be filled with kids and fun. Yours seems just like that. I love it!