Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Has Sprung! (Part 1)

I have never been the kind of person that decorates the house for every holiday.  It used to be that Christmas was the only time I would turn my house upside down to make space for all the accouterments that accompany that holiday.  Since buying our house almost four years ago, I have begun to be more open to the idea of transforming our abode, not necessarily for a particular holiday, but in celebration of the seasons.  Since Autumn is my favorite season, the past few years have been dedicated to shoring up on my Fall décor.  On Labor Day weekend my house is transformed into a red, orange, and gold paradise.  This year I decided to add another season into the mix – spring!
For the past few years we have been hosting Easter at our place (definitely a future blog).  We have a potluck and the obligatory egg hunt, but we spice it up with a friendly team competition.  We have sack races, jelly bean toss, egg-on-a-spoon relay race, springtime Pictionary, etc.  Last year we even threw a couple of Improv games into the mix that had us all laughing hysterically.  That being said, the idea of stringing plastic eggs in my windows or scattering bunnies and chicks all over my house is not at all appealing.  So for our spring home transformation, I decided instead to focus on the season.  So for the past couple of weeks, Isabella and I have been busy getting ready for spring. 

We started with these fairies inspired by my friend’s blog Mama and the Music Man, because what is spring without some magical garden fairies to liven things up.

Since I improvised based on the pictures Danielle posted, this was predominantly a solo project for me.  (During this project I learned that I am in desperate need of sewing classes.  Something I will have to consider.) However, Isabella gave the fairy her lovely features.

Next we moved on to painting.  There was a birdhouse…

And some butterflies…

And LOTS of eggs!

Isabella also made a felt bird mobile that I found at Michaels for a couple of dollars…

While I worked on an idea for some hanging decorations using disposable cups and flower petals left over from the fairy project.

Lastly, Isabella planted some spring grass, daisies, and sunflowers from kits I found at the dollar bin at Target.  This was practice for the seedlings we will be planting this afternoon (more on that later).

So now that our home is showing small signs of spring…

We are ready to welcome the season and all of the new life it will bring!

To be continued…

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