Friday, March 25, 2011

Bathroom Remodeling Day 2

So it turns out my son, Julian, took before pictures of the bathroom.  Seeing how it is his bathroom that’s being remodeled, I can understand his enthusiasm.  Here is a before picture:

Yeah… now you can understand his excitement.  Of course, after demo day 1, it now looks like this:

Anyhow, the lockbox that’s supposed to be on the door so the work guys can come in and out and we can continue going to work so we can get paid so we can pay for this bathroom…never came yesterday.  I had to stay home again today to let the work guys in.  They showed up at about 1:30pm, so a morning that could have been productive…wasn’t. Sigh.  The good news is….they brought the lockbox!!  I should be able to go to work Monday and not have to think about the destruction, I mean, construction of my bathroom.  Sorry…Freudian slip.
Despite the disruption to our everyday rhythm, I do have to say I was impressed with the two guys that came yesterday.  They even vacuumed before they left!  I was almost tempted to ask if they do windows.  Very tempted.  Today it’s the plumbing crew.  I never knew plumbing could be so noisy.  It sounds like they are ripping the pipes out of the wall, not putting them in.  Hammers and saws and drills, oh my!  

Anyhow, we will see what the end of the day brings.  I’m not getting my hopes up.  I’m sure it will take several more days before my bathroom disaster turn into the bathroom of my dreams…well, maybe not my dreams, but at least something a little more this millennium.
To be continued…

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