Monday, October 10, 2011


The other day, the wind, the cold, and the rain came for a visit.
I wasn’t exactly expecting them, but more like hoping they would stop by soon.
It was splendid. 
When they showed up at my door, I was ready with my favorite jacket and scarf, to welcome them in.
Since they stayed through the day and into the evening, I also dug out the fuzzy socks – you know the ones.
We had a wonderful time, the wind, the cold, the rain, and I.
We drank lots of tea and even some hot cocoa.
We snuggled under blankets to read.
We rejoiced in finally being together again.
Alas, with the dawning of the new day, I awoke to find that sometime during the night as I lay sleeping, the wind, the cold, and the rain had taken their leave once again. 
I was devastated, as I thought they had come to stay for a while.
I wasn’t expecting them to leave so soon.
I’m hoping they will be back, the wind, the cold, and the rain – my best friends.


  1. You are the most UN-Southern Californian ever! You need to move, girl!

  2. I had a cold weather tease a few weeks ago, but now we are back to warm weather. Today I at least have the rain so I can look outside and 'pretend' it's cold right? xx

  3. Last weekend we had a cold snap and I was super happy. I am now waiting patiently for its return.