Monday, October 3, 2011


October has arrived and I have to say that, although I was very excited about the coming of Fall (as I posted here), it has been a very slow start indeed.  I wouldn’t say I am uninspired or feeling gloomy as much as I am just very busy.  With everyone back in school, it has been a challenge this year to get into our groove.  Julian’s junior year is proving to be action packed from the word go.  Trying to fit in his evening review sessions, extra after school APUSH classes, and his new responsibilities as co-president and youth council member of GSA, along with Bella’s Taekwondo and Brownies, has my head spinning…and we have barely finished month one!!
There have been consequences, as so often there are.  I have dropped the ball on packed lunches and home cooked meals and find myself taking the kids to eat out more than I should.  I have not been giving the attention I should to my “Uncovering Happiness” project (last month was hit and miss).  The blogging has slowed way down.   I realize that I haven’t finished posting the pics from our Seattle trip, and my camera has been conspicuously empty lately and the words these days come out as lists of things I can’t forget to do.  We have not made it apple picking yet this season, and at the rate we are going we probably won’t.  The unraveling feeling is creeping up…and try as I might to gather the threads, it seems like I almost grab a hold of one and another slips through my fingers.

However, through all of this, there are some glimmers of wonderfulness…

Text messages that start “OMG MERCIFUL HEAVENS…” from my high schooler when assignments and exams get pushed back unexpectedly…never fails to make me smile, that boy.

Feelings of pride as my mini one gives her all during her sparring matches…her attitude of no fear is amazing and humbling.

Bittersweet feelings of excitement and sadness as I watch my son get ready for the first dance of the year…the teen energy as we drive them to the event is infectious and reminds me of times long ago.

Watching Bella bridge over to Brownies with her girl scout sisters…and realizing the bonds that have been forged amongst the girls and also amongst the moms.

Knowing my weekday evening will be that much easier cuz my better half made dinner last night and all I have to do tonight is warm it up!

Not sure if the threads will ever come together for me this year.  Not sure if I will ever get my blogging rhythm back or if I will have to resort to sporadic updates and occasional pictures.  Not sure how much happiness I will uncover or how many takeout pizzas we will end up consuming.  However, one thing is abundantly clear.  This year I will be very busy living…and isn’t that the best of all?


  1. Glad you are happy about all the business. Being busy is great when the activities that occupy are enjoyable....can't say the same for law school! Jealous!

  2. Savory every moment and hold them all close as they will go by more quickly than you can imagine!
    As for dinner, do you have a crock pot? I am home all day and still by the time dinner rolls around I am too tired to cook. I love using a crock pot and with cooler weather heading our way I will use mine even more for soups, stews, ect. xx

  3. It sounds like you have a full and beautiful life with your family. Nevermind the other stuff, right? You'll get your blogging groove back, if it's serving your purpose. I hear you about losing the groove though, I've lost mine in the last couple months. I'm hoping that once we settle into winter I will find my new groove. Hopefully I won't go into full on hibernation instead. :)