Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sunday Blessings

Since I devoted a whole post to Saturday, I figured I should devote one to Sunday too as it was a marvelous day! I had been wanting to get to the Great Park Farmers Market in Irvine for a few weeks and hadn’t been able to. We finally made it on Sunday, albeit a bit late. It was wonderful! I wasn’t super impressed with the produce stands. I was expecting a bit more variety…but it seems everyone has apples and oranges this time of year. Oh, and strawberries, lots of strawberries! What I did love were all the craft booths and the food trucks. Yum! The park is also very nice. We didn’t make it on the Great Balloon…

But Bella and I did manage to get on the carousel.

I also decided to invest in some fresh herbs to plant in our garden (more on that in a sec). We stocked up on food from various food truck vendors and sat at the picnic tables to enjoy our lunch.

The Mediterranean chicken plate was scrumptious!

And the fries with fire feta dip from the Louks Greek Food Truck were to die for!

We also tried the Calbi Food Truck. Julian had a burrito and Luis tried the tacos.

Safe to say we will definitely be going back!!

When we got back home Bella and I got to work planting our garden. We filled out planters with soil (I think I bought the wrong soil, so my fingers are crossed)…

 Then we got to transplanting all of our seedlings and the new herb plants we bought at Farmers Market.

Not all the seedlings worked out. Not sure where I went wrong, but like Luis told me, this is a learning process. I really need to invest in a good gardening book that specializes in container gardening. I welcome any recommendations. Anyhow, we planted peas and carrots from our seedlings and we planted basil, thyme, and oregano from Farmers Market.

By the time the sun set I was exhausted and sore all over, but every time I look out onto our patio it all feels worth it. I hope to actually eat the fruits (or vegetables and herbs, as the case may be) of my labor soon.

So I would say we had a pretty good weekend. A pretty good weekend, indeed.


  1. Yay for planting new gardens and for Farmer's markets!!! I agree that all the aches acquired are worth it!! Planting herbs are my favorite, I love the way my hands smell after picking the leaves :).

  2. Thanks, MJ! Now if I can just figure out how to harvest them I'll be golden :)

  3. Nice. Usually, after a few weeks, most seedlings need either to be transplanted outside in warm spring sunshine or a grow light. In SoCal, yours ought to be fine! Also, there is always an attrition rate. The fun with gardening is not always knowing what will thrive and what will fail.